The Core of Being Charming - Dating can be fun or a nightmare. No matter how old you are understanding women can help you understand yourself. With out Charm all you have is everyone else. Who wants to be like everyone else? So what does it mean to be charming? How does one become more charming? We are hoping to answer some of these questions and open your mind to becoming more charming. Have you ever noticed that guy in the gym or at work who seems to always get all the girls? He isn't even that good looking, maybe below average. Doesn't have a lot of money. So how is this guy getting all these dates? Most likely he is very charming. Almost all women love charming men

Into - Some people are born with charm being charming can even run in the family. At an early age I noticed something every important about myself. I really loved woman and the rest of the boys around me were so clueless. For some reason I have always felt comfortable around woman, I just connected to them. I loved to listen to woman talk, sing, walk, run and embraced their everything. Okay guys I get it sounds a little to much? You don't want to out this much work into this? Well what if I told you this has never been work for me. We all have the same goals when it comes to women, I just get there a lot easier then most of you. Thought out this article I will talk about many things from how to all to woman to understanding their needs. Woman are not objects they are beautiful people who require advanced understanding and if your a loyal solid man most women will always have your back and make you very happy in many ways. This article is not a players guide. Though if you want to be a more charming man, be more romantic and understanding. You do not have to be rich to find the woman of your dreams, you just have to be real. This article will help you find that perfect woman to meet all your manly needs both emotional and physical. 


About - Most look at me and say, "Okay nice eyes." but I am defiantly not the hottest man at the party. I am NOT a doctor, a player (although I have been accused many times) or any type of relationship professional. I was born with a gift and I have always embraced it. My charm is so expensive it works within both business and relationships, men and women. I feel people and react to these feelings. I see and understand emotions and believe in myself. I finish most sentences and being funny is effortless. I am very charming.

The Art of Being Charming - First no fakes are accepted, although anyone can learn how to be charming most women can spot a fake. You need to be sincere, open and honest. Mean what you say and understand that all your words will be remember. Women remember everything. Especially your first conversations together. If you do not plan on being honest then you should just stop reading now because none of this will work. Its okay if your learning how to be charming and make mistakes in fact most women may find this cute. If you start to lie or play games you will find her not being interested in you. Women are very loyal people and thats one of the top qualities they look for in a man. So you see a woman that you find attractive. First I hope that most of you understand you are only looking a the shell of a person most likely way more complicated then you are. So advanced and beautiful inside the may have you questing your one existence. Your goal is to mean what you say, reach out to her mentally and feel who she is on the surface. Connect to her in many way. Even if she doesn't show much interest in you at the time. If she is available you have a good shot with charm to get her attention. Being charming is more then words. 


First Contact - Confidence turns most women on and will who others you know who you are. Just do not be cocky about this what so ever. Thats a huge turn off for women, so balance this in the middle. It is important to also listen to every words she says, including her name. Make eye contact but don't stare it can be creepy. Do not talk to much about yourself just enough. Be very funny. If your not normally a funny person this can be easy to learn. Being funny is being creative with humor. Old pick up lines or one line jokes will sound corny. Remember you have to separate yourself from the other men. Women have a lot more choices then we do, so be different just not weird about it. Find things to connect with and remember not every woman will be right for you as well. Never allow the desire for sex to confuse you. You will end up settling into something that may come back to haunt you years later. Approaching a woman can be nerve recking so your going to need a few things. First you must have confidence. Knowing your net worth is important. Who are you what is your best qualities, what do you have to offer and who do you want to become. You should have an idea of what you are looking for. If you answer this in your head you have just made your first mistake, unless you said "a friend." Yes a friend because thats what you should be looking for. You should be looking for a friend first. Women love this approach but you must mean this. Think of it this way, women are cool and fun to hang with. So if more doesn't happen its not the end of the world. Try not to crush so much and keep things simple. Treat her like a friend in most cases just a more sensitive friend. But and this is a huge BUT never become the girlfriend. You must always keep it a little flirty not creepy, flirty. Easiest way to do this is but bring funny, listing to her and making it clear that your just a cool guy talking to a cool girl nothing more. Complimenting her helps keep thing flirty but know what to say and mean it. Her eyes, her face and her personality are important. Telling a woman that she has a kind face, her eyes show a beautiful gateway to her amazing personality. Keep it real and never be fake always meaning what you are saying. Every situation will be a little different but be her friend first. 

A Connection - Communication is so important you have to be able to communicate what your looking for and again be honest. Let her know in a fun way that you interested yet you are also okay with being friends. This will make her feel comfortable around you. Compliments will make her think about you even if you are not her type. Lots of people make this mistake. We judge people as "our type" based on the outside core when we don't even know the person. I can't tell you how many women didn't think I was their type until they got to know me. Through flirting, writing and being romantic I have the gift of becoming anyones type. The question starts to come up for me, "is she my type?" This is when you have reached true charm, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. In some cases people will never click do don't waste your time on dead end adventures. If your motivation is purely sexual of course two adults can decide they like to experience each other sexually. Though to reach real sexual satisfaction sexual chemistry is needed. This comes from a emotional connection even if you are only looking for FWB (friends with benefits). Emotional connections doesn't mean you have to complicate either. Almost all my sexual partners talked about how good I was in bed. I credit this to the connection I built leading to the sexual chemistry we found. 


Romance - Are you romanic? Take our romantic test. See some of our romantic ideas on this website. If your not a romantic person you can become very romantic. Some of us are born this way others need to learn. Being romantic isn't doing romantic things for the person you love or are sleeping with. Its doing them for yourself because thats who you are. It feels great and can melt a woman inside but more importantly it show that your a real man with feelings. Remember being real is so important to most women. Romance leads to great sexual chemistry. Think of being romantic as foreplay because with it you will have a lot more. We have some great ideas on how to be romantic whether your a creative person or not. 

Sexual Chemistry - You will know it if you have it. Doesn't mean you can create it. This really comes back to charm, connections built during your beginnings with a woman. Romance is important almost all women love romantic guys. Being romance is key to having amazing sex even if your only FWB. Are you good in bed? What makes a man good in bed? There are many answers to these questions. First thing every man needs to do is learn how to kiss. Kissing is your first introduction to a possible sexual relationship. Almost all women will judge how you kiss although a bad kisser isn't a deal breaker. Being a good to great kisser will show a woman your net worth, build your confidence and open many doors. Understanding a woman body is important. With today internet this shouldn't be so hard just do your research. Although every woman is different there is a general. Don't be overwhelm with the mass martial you find on the internet and force on who the woman is your dating etc. Once sex happens first impressions are very important. Make sure you do not rush your first time. So location is important even if you have to wait until the time is right. Women want a few things in bed beside thats great kisser. To start if you end the sex prematurely before it even starts your selling yourself short. I have always had a strong sex drive but some men do not. Accept that you are going to have to be creative in bed and focus on the longterm. Whatever you have to do to enjoy yourself and really focus on her needs. Never be insecure about penis size or performance. In the end if she likes you she will accept who you are and everything you have to offer. If you build that connection, have been romantic, worked on the sexual chemistry, she will already be in a great place mentally. Physically she will follow her brain. Have a great imagination in bed, understand what she wants and always ask questions, communicate. She will find that hot in most cases. Tell her pleasing her is more important them yourself. This will turn her on and make her want to take care of you more. Nothing is more charming then this. Email us for more questions. 

Never Break Their Hearts - This is the mother of being not charming. Most woman will deal with us, Our crazy moods and bad habits, even flirting with other woman or looking at other women around your love one. Women are mentally stronger than men. Women are very loyal. The moment you're really break their hearts you will know it and in most cases this leads to the end. If you are in love remember how you love to be treated and treat her the same way